Scansteel Foodtech Group

Scansteel Foodtech Group is among the world's most innovative manufacturers of food preparation machinery, equipment, and complete processing lines and solutions for the global food processing and pet food industries. The main focus is on the global meat, poultry, and cheese processing industries, as well as on the global pet food, rendering, and fur industry.


Scansteel Foodtech main competences is within development, design, sales, installations, commissioning, servicing of machinery and equipment as well as complete process lines.


Business areas of Scansteel Foodtech Group

  • Meat, poultry, and cheese processing industries
  • Pet food, rendering, and fur industry


Product groups of Scansteel Foodtech Group

  • Other processing machinery (for meat and other food stuff)
  • Bone separators
  • De-tendoning equipment
  • Frozen meat breakers
  • Other meat preparation and processing equipment
  • Mincers, automatic
  • Mincers, standard
  • Mincers, mixed
  • Mincers, frozen meat
  • Fine grinding and emulsifying equipment
  • Mixing and blending equipment
  • Other machinery for sausage production
  • Knives, cutting tools and blades

Scansteel grinder
Scansteel pump